Roguelike space shooter “EVERSPACE” got its expansion today, called “EVERSPACE: Encounters,” and it is available now on Steam and GOG.com.

“Encounters” is the game’s first major expansion that aims to add over 10 hours of extra gameplay. Priced at $9.99, it is also available as part of the game’s ultimate edition, along with the original soundtrack, art book, and the core game. The ultimate edition normally costs $49.99 but is currently 25 percent off, bringing the price down to $37.49.

EVERSPACE™ - Encounters Expansion Gameplay Trailer

Some of the new content include:

  • A new ship called “Colonial Sentinel.” Equipped with a mid-class engine, exclusive EMP Generators for stunning enemies, and an exclusive shield called “Shield ST.”
  • New weapons include:
    • Lightning Gun – deals damage that arcs to nearby enemies
    • Neutron Cannon – increased area damage and bigger projectiles the longer it is charged
    • Seeker Missile – hit multiple foes at once with explosives
    • Plasma Thrower – creates a massive spurt of plasma that deals damage over time
  • New devices include:
    • Emergency Shield
    • Decoy Generator
    • Damage Converter
  • Factory space stations where players can refine and convert resources, perform minor ship repairs for free, and upgrade their ships.
  • Visit Okkar Homeworld and learn a new way to interact with the alien race
  • New enemies and story characters, along with new quests

The Xbox One version will still get “Encounters” in February 2018, along with 4K support for Xbox One X.

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