Dynasty Feud Now On PS4

Almost seven months after its release on Steam, Kaia Studios’ Dynasty Feud is finally releasing for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe.

This team-based combat game features over 40 characters, all group into their own “dynasties.” Each character in a dynasty serves as a player’s “life” – once an entire dynasty is gone, the player is out. Dynasty members have their own unique styles and specialties, adding to the challenge.

PS4 owners can download the game for $14.99 (14.99 euros), which is the same price as its Steam counterpart. As an added bonus, the previously released The Night Party add-on content is included for free in this version.



  • Choose a dynasty and fight in fast-paced, all-out, one-hit-kill brawls!
  • Master 40+ characters across 9 unique dynasties.
  • Customize your very own dynasty in All-Star mode.
  • Fight in epic 2-4 player battles offline with friends or online with opponents worldwide.
  • Witness mass destruction as levels are left in ruin by hectic battles.
  • Get to know the crew of “The Night Party” – a special Halloween dynasty!



Dynasty Feud - PlayStation 4 Trailer

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