“Dynasty Feud” DLC Goes Live on Steam

Multiplayer brawler “Dynasty Feud” by Kaia Studios received its first downloadable content on Steam today, called “The Night Party.”

The new content adds a new “dynasty” of characters to the game, along with their respective weapons and special attacks. Dynasty is the term used to describe the player’s roster, usually consisting of five different characters. Unlike typical brawlers where a character comes back to life depending on the number of lives left, each character in the dynasty is gone for the rest of the match once it dies. To keep things interesting, each dynasty member have their own unique specialties and attributes.

The new dynasty, also called “The Night Party,” consists of characters who banded together after being labeled as a social outcast. Its members are David N. (“The Werewolf”), Donald (“The Duke”), Mr. T (“The Pharaoh”), Jekyll (“The Grad Student”),and Zack (“The Zombie”).

This DLC currently has a 15 percent discount, bringing down its price from 99 cents to 84 cents. Meanwhile, the base game is currently priced at $4.94, which is 67 percent its original price of $14.99. Between two to four players can battle each other with their own dynasties, and players can fight either offline (local play) or online.

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