“Dead Cells” – Animated Launch Trailer

Just a few days before Dead Cells’ PC and console releases, the developers at Motion Twin released an animated launch trailer for the game. 

The trailer aims to demonstrate in a lighthearted manner how each run will feel in the game. Because there are no extra lives, repetition and experience are the only way to progress. The game is slated to release on Aug 7 for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It will also come out of Early Access to release fully on the same day for Steam. Standard and signature retail editions for Switch, PS4, and PC are available at Signature Edition Games. Digital pre-orders currently have a 20 percent discount, bringing the price down from $24.99 to $19.99.

About Dead Cells 

No checkpoints. No extra lives. No second chances.

In Dead Cells, perseverance, skill, and perhaps a little luck are all that stand between you and certain death in the halls of a sprawling castle. To survive, you’ll need to perfect your weapon skills, learn the ways of your enemies, and explore while carving your own path through an ever-changing world.

Dead Cells Animated Launch Trailer

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