Darwin Project Implements Show Director Role

Scavengers Studio announced today that they will be hosting another closed alpha for Darwin Project, this time to show off the new Show Director role.

This new feature enables any player to be a drone floating around the arena, watching the game from above. But instead of being a passive viewer, the Show Director can mess with the game as they wish. Show Directors have several unique abilities that enable them to change the flow of the game. These abilities increase in number as the game progresses further.

Those who previously participated in the first closed alpha are automatically admitted for the second alpha, which runs from Dec 15, 3 p.m. EDT to midnight of Dec 17. New players should also keep an eye on Scavengers Studio’s Twitter page to get more details on how to join. Those who participate in this upcoming closed alpha will get an exclusive cosmetic Christmas item when the game launches for Xbox One and PC on Spring 2018.

Curious about the game now? Scavengers Studio published their first dev diary for the game, which talks about the game’s more involved take on the battle royale genre. You can watch it below.

Darwin Project - Dev Diary #1 The Manhunt

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