Darwin Project Enters Early Access, Xbox Game Preview

After months of various alpha and beta testing, Scavengers Studio’s multiplayer survival game Darwin Project finally enters Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One.

A take on the popular battle royale genre, Darwin Project pits up to 10 players against each other while dealing with the elements in the Northern Canadian Rockies. Not only does each player have to cleverly eliminate others, but they also must take steps in order to not freeze to death. One player can also choose to be the Show Director and influence the game from above. Check out the game’s newest trailer showcasing the Show Director role:

Darwin Project - Be the Show Director

The game started conducting its closed alpha testings for PC back in November 2017 before holding two open betas in January and February of this year. As a way of saying thank you, Scavengers Studio is giving all previous alpha and beta testers the early access version of the game for free.

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