Curve Digital Announces Two More Games for Switch

Curve Digital announced today that they are bringing Velocity 2X and Manual Samuel on the Switch sometime this August.

Developed by FuturLab, Velocity 2X is a combination of a vertical shooter and a side-scrolling platformer. Players control Lt. Kai Tana and her Quarp Jet in order to escape her captors. The game originally released in 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Vita, followed by a 2015 release for Xbox One and Steam. This title marks the first Nintendo release for any of the Velocity titles.

Manual Samuel Screenshot

Meanwhile, Manual Samuel is a comedy game originally released in 2016 by Perfectly Paranormal. The game focuses on the titular Samuel, who made a deal with Death after a horrible car accident. In order to gain his life back, he must survive 24 hours manually controlling everything, even his blinking. Players (solo or with others in co-op mode) must press a button to help Sam get through even the most mundane daily tasks.

No specific release dates have been announced for both games yet, other than a release month of August 2018.

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