“Conga Master Party” Lines Up for Switch

Making the longest video game conga line ever on the go is about to be possible when “Conga Master Party” releases on the Switch later this month.

Releasing on Sept 28 in North America and Europe, “Conga Master Party” on the Switch is an enhanced version of its previous iterations. Play with three other players as your chosen party-goer and go to different nightclubs to create your dream conga line. Dance and convince other party people to join your line instead of someone else’s.

This version of the game also has the following exclusive features:

One Nintendo Switch four players: Use the unique controller sharing options to enjoy all of the multiplayer modes with up to four people using only two Joy-Con controllers.

Two new multiplayer modes: “1, 2, Conga” – when two players collide they must win a rock, paper, scissors battle played with the Joy-Con; “Just Conga” – strike dance poses with the Joy-Con.

amiibo support: A wide selection of figures is compatible with the game, unlocking themed cosplay costumes for already-existing playable characters.

Two new stages: “Conga Burger” and “Conga’s Palace”, accessible in both multiplayer and single-player modes.

Ten new playable characters: Ten new party people can be unlocked via the single-player Story mode including Richie the high-roller from Conga’s Casino, Hotdog the dancing hotdog, and Dr. H8 making a guest star crossover cameo from 88 Heroes!

The game will cost $9.95 (8.99 euros or 7.99 pounds) once it’s available for download from the eShop. In the meantime, watch the game’s Switch trailer below.

Conga Master Party - Nintendo Switch Trailer

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