Chess Ultra Now On Switch

After the game’s store page going live earlier than expected, Ripstone Games’ Chess Ultra is finally available on the Switch.

Originally released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in June of this year, Chess Ultra presents a game of chess in high definition. Players can choose between different chess sets, ranging from a basic set all the way up to a “Fire and Brimstone” set. Each set is also accompanied by the appropriate environment in order to truly set the scene.

Chess newbies can take advantage of the game’s tutorials to learn the game. Those who already know how to play can challenge either the game’s computer player or other human players. The game has 10 Grandmaster-approved AI levels and numerous chess puzzles.

For those who prefer playing with other human players, Chess Ultra supports online and local multiplayer. Local games can be played in docked, handheld, or tabletop mode. The game supports touch screen functionalities in handheld, while tabletop mode enables the “cross-table” playing mode. On the other hand, online multiplayer ranks players using the Elo rating system. The Switch version also has cross-platform play, enabling everyone to play and climb the leaderboards with PC and Xbox One players.

Developed and published by Ripstone Games, Chess Ultra is now available for download from the eShop for $12.49 (9.99 pounds or 12.49 euros).




Chess Ultra - Out Now on Nintendo Switch

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