Cytus Alpha Screenshot

“Cytus Alpha” Releases on Switch This April

PM Studios and acttil announced that Rayark’s Cytus Alpha (or CYTUS α) is releasing digitally and physically for the Nintendo Switch this April.

Rehtona Screenshot

Puzzle-platformer “Rehtona” is now on Steam

Chinese indie studio Dot 4 Joy’s puzzle platformer Rehtona launched on Steam today for $12.99.

Sinner Sacrifice for Redemption Screenshot
Zarvot Screenshot
Battle Group 2 Screenshot

“Battle Group 2” Launches on Switch

Top-down arcade action game Battle Group 2 from Bane Games and Merge Games launched today on the Switch for $9.99.

My Memory of Us Screenshot 2
Shadow of Loot Box Screenshot
Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Screenshot
Save Me Mr Tako Screenshot