“Cat Sorter VR” Meows Its Way to HTC Vive

Independent game developer and publisher Pawmigo Games released their newest game about finding, fixing, and rebuilding faulty cats: “Cat Sorter VR.”

In this game, players are stationed near a conveyor belt and must rebuild the cats that arrive. The cats usually have something wrong with them, such as having a shark fin or a lobster arm. The player must then quickly remove the erroneous parts and replace them with the proper one. Faster repairs mean higher scores. For extra fun, a multiplayer mode is also available.

Cat Sorter VR Launch Trailer

“We’re ecstatic to be able to introduce players to the humor and frantic gameplay of Cat Sorter VR, and bring a litter of silly kitties to players’ homes without the worry of cat allergies,” said Spencer Stuard, founder and designer for Pawmigo Games.

The game normally costs $12.99 on Steam and Viveport, but it is currently on sale for $9.99.

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