“Cat Sorter VR” Meows Its Way to HTC Vive

Cat Sorter VR Screenshot

Independent game developer and publisher Pawmigo Games released their newest game about finding, fixing, and rebuilding faulty cats: “Cat Sorter VR.”

In this game, players are stationed near a conveyor belt and must rebuild the cats that arrive. The cats usually have something wrong with them, such as having a shark fin or a lobster arm. The player must then quickly remove the erroneous parts and replace them with the proper one. Faster repairs mean higher scores. For extra fun, a multiplayer mode is also available.

Cat Sorter VR Launch Trailer

“We’re ecstatic to be able to introduce players to the humor and frantic gameplay of Cat Sorter VR, and bring a litter of silly kitties to players’ homes without the worry of cat allergies,” said Spencer Stuard, founder and designer for Pawmigo Games.

The game normally costs $12.99 on Steam and Viveport, but it is currently on sale for $9.99.

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