“Brawlout” Gets PS4, Xbox One Release Date

Angry Mob Games’ platform fighting game Brawlout will launch on Aug 21 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners, the company announced.

Even Steam players have reason to celebrate, as the game will also come out of Early Access and into a full release on the same day. The game entered Steam’s Early Access on Apr 20 of last year, before releasing for the Switch on Dec 19.

Also coming along with the Aug 21 release are guest fighters Yooka and Laylee from Yooka-Laylee. And through a free update later this fall, owners will also be able to fight as the protagonist from Dead Cells. These two additional fighters round out the guest characters to four total, joining the two previous characters from Hyper Light Drifter and Guacamelee!.

Brawlout is now available for digital pre-order from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. Pre-orders will come with two bonuses: Mighty Paco as a fighter and Mascot Feathers skins. Additionally, Xbox One owners will get party mode exclusively, pitting players against each in quick matches with specific win conditions. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 version currently has a 10 percent discount, along with a Paco dynamic theme.

About Brawlout

Brawlout packs a punch with couch and online play modes that feature quick matches over slow-paced, defensive battles. Brawlout goes all-out with lightning-fast aerobatics famously found in classic platform fighters. With wavedashing, a free-form combat system, and a chargeable ‘Rage Meter’ at the player’s disposal, each battle will be a combo-bonanza!
From grappling to long range weapon options, there is a character for all fighting game aficionados. Whether players are looking for a casual couch experience with friends, or to challenge pros in worldwide online tournaments, Brawlout caters to anyone looking to create a little chaos. For those wanting to take part in the mayhem from a safe distance, Brawlout TV is available for spectators to watch ongoing matches.

Brawlout Aug 21 Launch Trailer

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