“Black Hole” Gets Patch, Discount

Twin-stick space shooter Black Hole got its first content patch today, just in time for a 33 percent off discount in the Switch eShop.

The patch is supposed to address some bugs along with other quality of life improvements. Here’s a complete list of the changes, which can also be found on their website:

  • 4 separate save slots
  • Exiting to main menu will always save your game, no more accidental save loss.
  • After Game Over the save file is not deleted and you can load your last save point
  • Added a tutorial to the first level
  • Shoot straight with Y, auto aim with X
  • Reworked options menu and added volume controls
  • Unlockable option for game speed multiplier. Play through the game once to unlock it
  • Crosshair option
  • Permanent current level display
  • Slightly changed third boss encounter
  • Adjusted Falchion speed upgrade
  • Slightly increased Falchion hit box
  • Adjusted Falchion Hyper Attack damage distribution
  • Reworked Falchion Hyper Defense: Now affects all enemies on screen, except bosses, instead of only those in a fixed radius.
  • Slightly reduced enemy count in levels 5 and 6
  • Small visual upgrades to some shots
  • Fixed infinite score bug from mine layers in fire world. High score entries that have obviously exploited this bug will be removed.

Dufgames also shared a small graphic for future plans, revealing that two-player coop and survival mode are on the way.

Black Hole Roadmap

About the game

Black Hole is a short and challenging twin-stick shooter in space. Fly through themed black holes, collect boosts and gold while defeating the many enemies coming at you trying to destroy you. Upgrade your ship with meaningful and rewarding upgrades, unleash your hyper attack on anything coming into view and defeat the mighty bosses at the end of each world.

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