Assault Gunners HD Edition Heads Westward March 20

Marvelous Europe announced recently that they are bringing Assault Gunners HD Edition to PlayStation 4 and PC players on March 20.

Only previously released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan, Assault Gunners HD Edition is a mech battle game set on Mars in 208X. Players in battle mechs take control of a peace-keeping force called DAT, and attempt to save the terraformed planet from the uprising.

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION - PS4 Announcement Trailer (NA)

Aside from the upgraded visuals with 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, this version of the game will also come with language support for English, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. The three downloadable packs previously released for the Vita are also remastered and will be included in the Extra Pack downloadable content, which contains the following:

  • 15 campaign missions set after the initial campaign
  • 3 additional Inferno Mode maps bringing the total to 8
  • 15 extra weapons allowing for more diverse offensive options
  • Over 30 additional mech-parts for even more customisation
  • 4 fully voice-acted Navigators by renowned Japanese VA

Assault Gunners HD Edition will be available for digital purchase on Steam and PlayStation Store with three options available:

  • Standalone game for $9.99
  • Extra Pack DLC content for $4.99
  • Complete set (standalone game and DLC together) for $11.99.

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