“ARMS” Shows Off New Arm Weapon

Continuing their steady stream of new content, “ARMS” revealed on Twitter the newest weapon that will be available for players, called “Kickback.”

The new arm is a shield-type weapon, and its selling point is the charge ability. When fully charged, the shield can send the opponent’s arm back to themselves, dealing damage in the process. This ability can open up some interesting defensive plays.

The name “Kickback” is only from the Japanese tweet for now. It’s possible that the name may change when translated. While there is no release date yet, the tweet teased that there may be more details about the weapon soon.

If you’re curious about what the tweet says, here’s a rough web translation:

The new arm “Kickback” that brings together the trends of technology finally appears!
Any arm can bounce back. If it is in the charge state, return the opponent’s arm to charge state!
An irregular arm whose way of fighting changes greatly, what kind of fight will you attract? stay tuned!

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