“ARMS” Reveals Top 3 Fighters with Most Wins

The official “ARMS” Twitter revealed this weekend the top three fighters with the most wins, just shortly after they tallied up the most picked fighters.

The most successful trio turned out to be Twintelle (1), Ribbon Girl (2), and Min Min (3). Accompanying their announcement on Twitter is an animated GIF of their victory poses.

Top 3 ARMS Fighters with Most Wins


This announcement comes shortly after “ARMS” tweeted that Ninjara, Kid Cobra, and Spring Man were the most popular fighters in the roster. They even noted that Ninjara was the No. 1 pick worldwide.

Top 3 Most Popular ARMS Fighters

All of these results were calculated from the game’s stats since version 2.1. It is possible that these rankings might differ if they had data since the game’s release. And with the new fighter incoming, Lola Pop, these results might change the next time the results are tallied.

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