Aperion Cyberstorm Releases Feb 8

Twin-stick shooter fans have another reason to celebrate when indie studio aPrioriDigital releases Aperion Cyberstorm on Feb 8 for Switch, Wii U, and Steam.

On development since October 2013, Aperion Cyberstorm is a cooperative space shooter that supports up to five players. There are three modes available: campaign, onslaught, and versus. Campaign mode unlocks various ships and abilities, while onslaught mode pits players against waves of enemies across 16 maps. Versus mode is self-explanatory – players fight each other, with optional computer players to keep five ships at all times. Of course, up to five people can play on one screen with any mode.

Aperion Cyberstorm - Nintendo Switch

An Xbox One version is also planned for release later this year, but no time frame has been specified. Additionally, pricing for the game is currently unknown across all storefronts.

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