“All-Star Fruit Racing” Enters Early Access

Italian game studio 3DClouds is bringing a fruit juice-filled racing game to Steam Early Access today, called “All-Star Fruit Racing.”

In this game, players can choose to race between 22 fully customizable characters (11 on Early Access) across 21 different racing tracks. This kart racing game’s main focus is “The Juicer,” a liquidizer kart attachment that enables the “Mega Juice” power up. Players must pick up fruits while racing in order to fill up their four tanks before unleashing the “Mega Juice.”

All-Star Fruit Racing (Trailer Full Version) - Early Access Announcement

“The Juicer is just one way we’ve looked to bring something different to the karting genre,” said Francisco Bruschi, CEO and Founder of 3DClouds. “All-Star Fruit Racing is designed to offer something different.”

The game also includes single and multiplayer modes, four-player local split screen, and online multiplayer. While the online multiplayer is coming this fall, solo players can currently enjoy two different modes for single player:  Juicer and Classic. Three more modes for single player are coming later, along with the medium and hard difficulties of all racing formats.

All-Star Fruit Racing” is priced at $14.99 during early access. Once it releases, the price will go up to $19.99.

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