“Aftercharge” to Hold Open Alpha Next Week

Chainawesome Games announced that they will be holding the first publicly playable open alpha for “Aftercharge” on Steam from October 13 to 15.

“Aftercharge” is a 3 vs 3 asymmetrical multiplayer first person shooter. One team will consist of three invisible robots, called Workonics droids, who are aiming to destroy energy extractors across the map. On the other hand, indestructible, armed humanoid guards are defending the energy extractors and are aiming to destroy the Workonics.

The defensive team will have an option to play as a Striker, Liquidater, and Builder, while the attacking team can play as Glitch, Bubbles, and Cyclops. Each class have abilities that counter another class from the other team. In fact, the Cyclops has just been revealed recently. Check out its gameplay footage below.

Aftercharge Full Game Footage ( Cyclops )

The game is actually the Canadian studio’s third title, and was originally created during a 48 hour Game Jam back in 2015. Starting out as a top down game, Chainawesome Games decided to change the view to first person while still keeping the core gameplay. And while this upcoming open alpha is only for PC users on Steam, the game will also come out for Xbox One early next year.

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