Grandma’s Game Room is brought to you by siblings Franceen and Franze Robles.


About Franceen

Even though she had gray hairs since she was 5, Franceen is actually not a grandma. The nickname stuck to her after being called as one by a friend, for reasons that are still unknown to her today. Regardless, she has embraced the nickname.

Franceen is a journalism major from Indiana University – Indianapolis. She used to write about food and Indianapolis-area restaurants but has since retired to food photography. Nowadays she spends her time writing about video games. Before venturing out on her own, she wrote as a senior staff writer at Player Theory and as a contributor at The Campus Citizen. You may also see a few of her reviews at NinMobileNews.

She also really loves Gengar and Ditto.

About Franze

Franze is a Youtuber and Twitch streamer who used to be a competitive Call of Duty player and Parkour athlete. As such, he doesn’t have as much experience with writing but has a lot of experience in vlogging and making videos. His enthusiasm for social media helped him become a brand ambassador for several companies. He’s also a self-proclaimed gaming nerd.